Best 1 Carat Diamond Rings Of 2017

Are you looking for the ideal 1 Carat Diamond Ring, but have little knowledge about buying jewels? Words like certificates, cuts, shapes, grading scales, or colors makes you quite confused and cannot make a decision.

In this Best 1 Carat Diamond rings picking- guide, I will introduce some basic knowledge of what is “4C’s” and diamond shapes. So the tips in this article will help you to buy the best bit of diamonds, at the best value conceivable. Use the data you’ve got from this article can help you make better choices when picking diamonds later on.

Today’s Picks: Best 1 Carat Diamond Rings Of 2017

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To make the comparison chart more intuitive and effective, I gathered information from the Amazon, some other authorized website, magazines and physical stores. The most essential elements we have considered when picking a diamond ring is “ 4C’s ”, which is clarity, color, cut and carat Weight. Judging from the “ 4C’s ” of diamonds , this comparison chart will give you a close look on the diamonds.

Buying Guide:You should Learn Before Buying A Diamond Ring

What is “4C’s”

In general, “4C’s” determines the value of a diamond, which refers to clarity, color, cut combine with carat weight judge the value of any diamonds given. The higher a level a diamond is graded to over “4C’s”, the more it will cost. Carat weight usually is thought to be the most important factor when buying a diamond. Clarity, color and cut can have a visual impact on the presence of a diamond. It ought to be noticed that you should consider these factors comprehensively, not just emphasize only one factor.

Carat Weight

Carat is the unit of weight for all gemstones. “Carat” starts from the seed of the carob tree case These seeds were verifiable utilized by shippers to adjust scales to weigh valuable diamonds. One carat is subdivided into 100 “focuses”. Along these lines a precious stone measuring 75 focuses is 3/4 carat in weight, or 0.75 ct.


A precious stone’s clarity is dictated by the number, nature, position, size and shading of inward qualities called “considerations” and surface elements called “facades”. These abnormalities happened in the fluid magma inside which the precious stone was made. Precious stones are basically unadulterated carbon, on the other hand, as they take shape, different minerals adjacent, or different particles of carbon framing at an alternate rate may have gotten to be caught inside of the cooling mass. These show themselves as the different attributes which make up the clarity of a jewel, included precious stones, plumes, mists and so on.

Clarity is measured on a scale running from immaculate, (Fl) to intensely included (P3.) The clarity of a precious stone is reviewed by utilizing a 10 X amplification diamond setters loupe, under great lighting by an accomplished grader/valuer. The last clarity evaluation is controlled by how noticeable any considerations or facades are.

Jewel Color

The most noteworthy evaluation of jewel has no shading by any means. Expanding degrees of general shading or tinting are measured on a scale going from no shading by any stretch of the imagination (D) to essentially hued (L). A, B and C are not utilized as a part of jewel reviewing, as before a universally perceived framework was built up, these letters were at that point used to review hued pearls. So, as not to confound the two frameworks, jewel reviewing shading begins at “D”. Past “L” is the reach where the precious stone’s shading is distinctive and rich, called “extravagant hues”. Precious stones of referred to shading are utilized as examination stones for shading evaluating. Comparing so as to evaluate is finished the precious stone to be reviewed against these “expert stones” under uncommon light.


A decent or fine cut guarantees that a given stone has most extreme splendor and shimmer. This is frequently traded off when the stone is cut only for weight and size alone.

A standout among the most imperative components in a precious stone’s cut is the point of the features in the lower structure. This decides the point at which light is reflected back to your eye. This gives the stone its radiance and play of rainbow hues. In the event that a stone has been sliced to amplify this impact then a superb presentation of hues can be seen inside of the stone. A few stones may have been cut with a greater amount of an accentuation towards size and weight. This is not generally something to be thankful for as changing the extents will bring about light to be scattered in bearings other than back to the eye, bringing about more blunt looking stones. They may even now be reviewed as VS and shading E and so forth as this poor cut has no impact on the color and clarity evaluating.

Diamond Shapes

Asscher Cut Diamond

It is a ventured square cut, frequently called the “square emerald cut” and like an emerald cut. It has trimmed corners, and these designs are exceptionally stylish and make emotional wedding bands. Asscher cut diamond do oblige four-pronged settings.

Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut is a relic cut that frequently takes after a cross between the old mine cut and a current oval cut. These designs are usually square, long rectangles, and changing size tables and profundity rates.

Emerald Cut Diamond

This is a rectangular shape and it has shortcuts. It is known as a stage cut in light of the fact that its concentric wide, level planes look like stair steps. Since considerations and mediocre shading are more declared in this specific cut, make careful arrangements to choose a stone of unrivaled clarity and shading.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

This extreme image of sentiment is basically a pear-formed precious stone with a parted at the top. Heart-molded precious stones are a nostalgic most loved for wedding bands. It can be very searing with fabulous shimmer.

Marquise Diamonds

The marquise cut is a prolonged shape with pointed finishes enlivened by the bringing grin of the Marquise de Pompadour and appointed by the Sun King, France’s Louis XIV, who needed a precious stone to match it. It is lovely when utilized as a solitaire or when improved by littler precious stones.

Oval Diamonds

The present day oval cut is a red hot jewel that reflects light splendidly. It’s a grand choice for somebody who cherishes the radiance of the round splendid, however fancies a less basic shape.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

A cross breed cut, consolidating the best of the oval and the marquise, it is formed most like a shining teardrop. It has a place with that classification of precious stone whose outline most supplements a hand with little or normal length fingers. It is especially delightful for pendants or studs.

Princess Cut Diamond

This is a square or rectangular cut with various shimmering features. It is a generally new cut and regularly finds its way into solitaire wedding bands. Complimenting to a hand with long fingers, it is frequently adorned with triangular stones at its sides.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

This cut joins the tastefulness of the emerald shape precious stone with the splendor of the round, and its 70 aspects expand the impact of its shading refraction.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

This shape has set the standard for all other precious stone shapes, and records for more than 75% of jewels sold today. These designs are the conventional choice.

Trilliant Diamonds

This is an awesome wedge of fragile flame. Initially created in Amsterdam, the precise configuration can differ contingent upon a specific precious stone’s common attributes and the cutter’s close to home inclinations.

Best 1CT Diamond Ring:IGI Certified 1 Carat Emerald Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 4 Prong

Probably the most emotiona and important jewelry purchase you are going to make is an engagement ring. For many couples and many young girls, an engagement ring must be equipped with a dazzling diamond. Then questions comes out such as ‘How should I choose a diamond ring?’ or‘Must it be a solitaire diamond ring? Before you take further step, these question must be solved.However, no matter how many question do you have,this article will give you a pleased answer and it will offer you the best 1 carat emerald cut engagement ring.This 1 ct engagement ring can not only help you win the full love of your girlfriend but also make the couple love deeper.

The Good

A 30 day return policy:Houston Diamond District provides you with 30 day return policy on the product and you are allowed to pay the money without any problem,

Perfect diamond:This engagement ring is designed with a un-treated ,100% Natural and un-treated , conflict free diamond.

Wide range of options:This 1 ct diamond ring offers a wide range of options for the diamond variance of Weight ithat varies between 0.94 to 1.12.

Eye Clean Clarity:This product features IGI Certified 1 Carat Emerald Cut and is well designed with eye clean clarity.

The Bad:

This 1 Carat Diamond ring is only suitable for thin people who has slender fingers.

There is few products left in stock and you are required to pay money in no time.

What current owners say this IGI Certified 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond ring

This item was designed with a big diamond and it is beautiful.I looks even better than the pictures.This ring adds much elegance to me and I am proud of it since it was sent by my boyfriend.I think I have fell in love with the ring and my boyfriend.    By Martha J. Nace

Although this is my first time to buy such an expensive product on,I have got a good return.I bought this ring for my girlfriend and she show high praise of this item and wear it all the time.  Now she has married me and she loves me deeply.By  Kelly S. Reynolds

This item is definitely a fanshion diamond ring and it offers a good looking and adds nobility to the owner.It must be a perfect wedding ring to represent the deep love of the couple.   By Judith R. Myers

Most Beautiful 1 CT Diamond Ring Under 1000 Dollars I recommend Today

Best 1 Carat Round cut Diamond ring in 14K White Gold (J-K Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

Crafted in 14k white-gold, this design features a sparkly round-brilliant-cut center stone, graded J-K / I1-I2 natural diamond (not treated in any way) and 8 side stones graded K-L color, I1-I2 clarity. The measurements of this design are – top of the ring 2.6mm, bottom of the ring 1.75mm.

Take a glance over reviews on this Best 1 carat Round-Cut Diamond rings 

I was reluctant to purchase the ring online, and I went to a few jewelry stores and their prices were high. Hence, I turned into a specialist on The 4 C’s and I saw this ring many times, but I didn’t feel good. I was worried about the quality and that my cash will be wasted. However, this ring is really worth it. I got the ring and it’s delightful, and I don’t lament at all. I believe my future wife will be content with my choice.I will propose soon. I adore the ring and am satisfied my choice. It’s an incredible purchase, extraordinary quality and awesome cost!

 Best 1 carat Round-Cut Diamond rings of 2017

Best 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring:IGI Certified 1 Carat Princess Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 4 Prong (I-J Color, VVS2-VS1 Clarity)

With I-J Color and VVS2-VS1 Clarity, this ring is presented in princess cut. It is a cutting edge exemplary of clean, square lines and excellent shimmer. This shape is the ideal decision in the event that you incline toward a square or rectangular blueprint yet need the brightness of a round. Besides, this ring you could have four colors to choose, which is rose-gold, platinum, white-gold, and yellow-gold

Take a glance over reviews on this Best 1 carat princess cut diamond ring

The ring is excellent and looks just as it is shown on the screen. I can’t wait to see my girlfriend wear it!

Best 1 Carat Cushion Diamond Ring:

1 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Halo Style Cushion Shape Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.75 Carat F-G I2 Center

This princess-cut whit diamond weights 0.74 carats. It is graded F-G color and I2 clarity. The widths of this classic Halo style design is 1.20 inches.

Reasons to Buy

Do you like the ring however need it in an alternate value range? With more than 10,000 stones, Houston Diamond District can locate the ideal upgrading so as to ring for your financial plan or change the middle stone.

Take a glance over reviews on this Best 1 carat cushion cut diamond engagement rings

The ring is incredible. I was worried about the quality since I couldn’t see the ring in individual, however the quality cleared me out at this cost. I talked to the staff at Houston Diamond District on the telephone amid my request procedure and they were amazingly useful and enlightening.

IGI Certified 1 Carat Emerald Cut/Shape 14K ROSE Gold Solitaire emerald cut diamond rings

The white diamond is set with prongs and crafted in 14k. The minimum color and the minimum clarity is respectively G-H and SI2-I1. Very good emerald cut makes the ring stunning.

Reasons to Buy This Best 1 carat emerald cut diamond rings

The emerald-cut precious stone is among the most exemplary of jewel shapes. Its clean lines originate from step-cutting, or parallel line features. It is constantly taken a route that is excessively expedient and is typically reduced to a rectangular blueprint, in spite of the fact that a couple are sliced to be all the more square. An emerald cut is cherished by idealists and looks particularly grand set in platinum, in a straightforward setting or a baguette side-stone setting

0.98 Carat Asscher Cut / Shape 14K White Gold Classic Graduating Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring ( F-G Color , VS2 Clarity )

This gorgeous ring has a 0.50-carat-diamond in the center and other schtrops are beset around it. The diamond is graded F-G color and VS2 clarity.

Reasons to Buy This Best 1 carat asscher cut diamond  engagement ring

This exquisite shape is a variety on an excellent emerald cut,which is not a conventional decision but rather has increased merited presentation as of late on account of famous people wearing the cut. The uniqueness of this shape is characterized by the structure, or base piece of the jewel, that has a “scissor cut” with all aspects step-chop down toward the culet, or point on the base. The blocked corners add to its geometric advance, making the jewel show up verging on octagonal. It is typically curtailed to a square layout instead of rectangular. This precious stone shape is wonderful in a basic solitaire or in a setting that has straightforward geometric lines or side stones, for example, baguettes.

Best 1 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring:

Woman’s 14k White-gold (1 CT) 10.00X05.00MM Moissanite Marquise Solitaire Engagement Ring

This high polished 14k white-gold ring has white color and Marquise cut. The total metal weight of the ring is 2.0900 Grams. It is designed with six prongs: four situated on the sides to hold the body of the stone safely and two formed prongs to ensure the focuses at either end, the most helpless piece of the precious stone.

 Reasons to Buy this Best 1 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring

The marquise cut is a superb, extended shape with decreasing focuses at both closures. Its shape has a tendency to compliment the finger, making it seem longer. This shape meets expectations in a straightforward solitaire setting or looks delightful with side stones, particularly baguette or trillion shapes. Besides, this brand has a flame, splendor, and brilliance dissimilar to different gems.

Best 1 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring: 

GIA Certified 0.98 Carat Radiant Cut/Shape 14K White Gold Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring 4 Prong with a 0.50 Carat, D-E Color, VVS1-VVS2 Clarity Center Stone

With D-E color and VVS1-VVS2 clarity, this stone weights 0.5 carats. It is designed in radiant cut, which is a bizarre jewel shape and a fascinating option. This shape is for somebody who needs something few individuals have since these are generally uncommon.

Take a glance over reviews on this Best 1 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring

The brightness of these precious stones are stunning at the cost

Why I recommend these Best 1 Carat Diamond Rings

These 1 Carat Diamond RingS are combination of classic and fashion, and everything your future wife dream of. Hand-made qualities ensure every diamond has a fantastic fit for your big day. With these Best 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Rings to choose, I hope it could help you find a perfect one to match your day.

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1 carat emerald cut engagement rings:In this particular review, you’ll find some good breif but useful recommendations on choosing the best emerald cut engagement rings, which apply to other sorts of diamond rings as well. Trust me, your several studying will have a big pleasure for your lady.

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